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What is applied synergetics?

Self-healing with inner images

If you want to call it a profiling analysis of the cause of suffering, Synergetics is the treatment of this condition dar. If the causes of the patterns are broken, can be solved on the symptoms. Psyche and body have no longer necessary to refer to symptoms of unresolved conflicts and losses.

First session   

Field of work

The field of applied synergetics situated in the plane of the brain processes information. Injured or inhibit development ideas can be solved. Since you can not turn back time to the origin of the injury, the injury to make undone, we work in the show with "as-if actions." For this we need to know that representations in the brain via the same pathways as physical actions run. What that means is that with internal virtual acts almost the same results as with outer concrete actions. The brain and placebo research has found that in recent years. Applied Synergetics makes it the Neuverknüpfungen the brain cells themselves organizationally, done so on their own evolutionary direction. The therapist therefore no substantive provisions, but only the process, it suggests - it's evolutionary.

The aim of a meeting there, obsolete or hurtful experiences in the brain as patterns of experience are still effective to solve. Jammed or blocking aggression can be discharged very effectively with a flexible baton. This "live" dialogue with the remembered and the same current perception in a session will allow the brain a fairer reality perception. In repeated dialogues inner world can stabilize the perception of sustainable and organic. This guided dialogue with one's inner world opens up your talents and potentials and leads you out of a negative range.

Inner Perception

Inner perception is the perception of the past (memory) and the perception of the present day. Both perceptions are often blurred into each other, because they run in the brain via the same pathways. The older we get, the more "memory" fades under real experience. Since the inner "truth" but the perception is based on our probability environment, there is a danger that we will not respond to reality in the present. We are the victim of mis-perception and underer own miscalculations as a result of outdated information. This mix of mostly old injuries from childhood. The result is acute or chronic problems in the area of job, relationships or health.

The gap in perception uses processing Applied Synergetics. Blocking or hurtful memories are connected as internal voices, characters and images during the session in a synergistic dialogue with each other. As a concrete result of this work to the client's inner world, the background of conflicts and blockages can be seen.

Self-organization - The scientific background:


The physicist and mathematician, Professor Dr. Dr. hc. mult. Hermann Haken founded the science of synergetics as "the interaction of forces of all living things." He could calculate the principle of self-organization on the basis of the laser light, and mathematically it was already proposed for the Nobel Prize.

Professor Hook does synergetics as key to understanding the perception of the brain. Human cognitive processes as well as I explore the inner world with APPLIED Synergetics. I work with organic brain stored memories and imaginations. They have the potential to internal self-renewal and personal growth.

Why everyone can benefit from Synergetics?

Areas of Application

Stagnation has many faces

Inner world of travel - the driver's license for life with problems of personal, social and physical nature:

a) leave, anxiety disorders, adjustment disorders, charisma
b) Work experience: interviews, performance reviews, supervisors, conflicts, negotiations, tax return
c) career choice / uncertainty
d) irrelevance / conflicts
e) jealousy, loneliness - loneliness creeping, developing my potentials, talents, failure / success, education sprobleme / Eating Disorders
f) fear of flying
g) financial worries, experiences of violence, "Help, I feel pretty radical!"
h) claustrophobia, acute and long-term crisis management, grief
i) confession, counseling, learning disabilities, heartache, LOL2A Principle: The application
j) melancholy, mental training, bullying
k) guidance, organ donation
l), personality disorders, test anxiety
m) smoking cessation
n) sleep, sexuality, sexual violence / perpetrator - victim, somatoform disorders, anxiety, haunted phenomena, terminal care, stress, addictions (workaholic, and more)
o) depression
p) supervision
q) Trauma / ta, dream interpretation, sadness, restorative justice, we are working with the victims we work with offenders
r) transition situations such as pregnancy, marriage, divorce, death, relocation, accident / frequency-
s) Under-obesity
t) terms with the past
u) fidget syndrome (at Ritalingaben), obsessive-compulsive disorders, development of my future selve

How is it possible that a method can be used both in psychosomatic as well as mental suffering? At this point a brief explanation: Synergetics is thus on the subtle, psychic level, but is so powerful that its impact on the gross-up, that can penetrate the physical level.

How much does it cost?


Course dynamics:

Acute: 1 to 5 sessions for specific occasions.
Compact: 1 to 10 weeks, a week max. 4 sessions.
To Solidify: about 12 months, 1 session per month.
Life time: depending on the occasion, but at least every six months for a session and as a precaution.

Session prices:

• Test-Session 120 minutes: 130, - Eur
• Each additional 150 minutes session: 150, - Eur
• Profiling Session: 180,- Eur

Children pay half. Prices for business by appointment.

By agreement may submit the bill private patients with their insurance.

A cassette recording of the session supported the rework at home. In a preliminary interview, you and I can get an idea about your concerns. The subsequent session will be accompanied by music. Following a Nachgespräch found on the events take place in your inner world. If desired, a recording of the session takes place on a tape, they supported their reworking at home.
• A session lasts up to 2 hours.
• If the block (in advance) may be granted a discount

If you cancel within 24 hours, a cancellation fee of 50% of session fee is due.

If you can not take the appointment, the entire session fee will be charged.

The prices are for the financial contribution to the study of perceptual performance of the brain and its impact on the reality of the outside world.