Brigitte Molnar - Heilpraktikerin aus München
Familienaufstellung mit Brigitte Molnar


Experience with Synergetics

„A session has changed my whole life. I could see at once a pattern of life and free myself from it. “ Dora W., 32 light years part-time & Family, 3/2001

„I have tried many things. After the first session I knew: this is something for me.“ Uwe E., 38 Lj. Designer, 7/2002

„Think limbic“, now I know how it works. Karl M., 55 Lj. Teacher, 10/2003

„The two and a half hours of the meeting has given me more than two years relaxation relaxation exercises.“ Nadine T. 54 Lj., Vermögensverwalterin, 7/2004

„Now I feel confident.“ Dieter L. 56 Lj., Judge, 9/2004

„So I could not have imagined.“ Reiner N., 47 Lj. HP, 8/2004 mit viel eigenen Heilerfahrungen

„A work in which the sediment is being processed. I experience change and educational foundation in a very deep level. I am glad to have found Synergetics.“ Isidore H., 60 light years, pharmaceutical representative, 7/2005

„I experience a centering, my confusion cleared up.“ Isidor H., 62 Lj., Pharmareferent, 9/2006

„Forty years I was guilty as charged and my own practice in prison (interrogation room) sat. Today I got the acquittal. I feel really euphoric.“ Kurt S., 40 light years, medical practitioners, 10/2007

„Every day I cry on this website and look fascinated for several minutes, the image of the self-organization.“ Siegfried B., 65 light years, photographer, 11/2007

"Even the company doctor confirmed to me last week that I no longer have inflammation in the intestine. Of course I have done much, but this result shows that after just two sessions, astounded me already." Martha J., 40 light years, a flight attendant, 12/08

„Encounter with a beautiful wife Brigitte Molnar. I took her for a few sessions and now I feel, day after day, my inner world even more intense and confident. A great big thank you to Brigitte, who led me into the inner world of life." Inga Tränker, Artist from Schwabing, 09.09.2009

"Now I know that I have my own inner health is in your hand." Fritz D., 53 Lj., Dipl.-Ing., 10/2011

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