Brigitte Molnar - Heilpraktikerin aus München
Familienaufstellung mit Brigitte Molnar

What is profiling?

Profiling is the collection of unconscious thinking and feeling patterns.
If these patterns in the relationship, the family, the profession or
develop health symptoms may be removed with profiling back-
draw connections to the cause. This "pattern recognition" is the
Active connection between your own patterns and their own
Recorded live.

What has my life with me?

Personal beliefs and beliefs shape our behavior and coping patterns. The character of these patterns date back to the parents and the society. Our resulting inner world of ideas characteristic of our response to the reality. Our "personal" reality produced in a cycle of "true" perception and "truth" environment "constantly. Inner perception creates reality, but also outside. Inner perception is therefore largely a decisive factor for trust or distrust, success or failure in relationships, career and health.

Scope: Since generated internal perception of external reality, synergistic uses profiling the active connection between belief and patterns of their own lives. In just one session, a profile of information, persuasion and perception patterns are created. For example, expresses the relationship or lack of success in the profession in self-similar core principles such as: I can not - there'll never be something out of it "or" I'm not worthy "or" They're not worth it.

The acquisition of own strengths and weaknesses is an interior world profile and is the starting point for the inner world of synergistic work.