Brigitte Molnar - Heilpraktikerin aus München
Brigitte Molnar - Heilpraktikerin


In a first session I can make me a picture of your concerns. You can see if your experience is with the pictures of your inner world.

The Gateway to the Inner World

What can I expect in a session?
Comfortably wrapped in soft blankets to play around or refreshing soothing sounds of nature sounds. In this waking reverie, you can listen to your depth perception and give it voice. They work so long with your inner world, to your basic sense of life it is again consistent. This newly created perception explains your personality and zeitigt targeted coping strategies in everyday life. More joy, strength and harmony to make on its own.

How many sessions are necessary?
It depends on the duration and / or the severity of the condition. As I count the Applied Synergetics naturopathy, treatment usually lasts about one tenth of the time, the suffering continues.

Applied Synergetics can provide the most effective and most modern setting. The client works strictly with their own energies. Possibly manipulating external energies of the companion are thus reduced to a minimum. This self-developed by the client and at the same time reminded of the dialogue with current self-perception creates a new, stable, self-confidence. It reduces stress and shows solutions in rational seen apparently hopeless situations. Applied Synergetics is the direct application of cognitive and brain sciences in the last decade.

School, occupation, vocation, relationships, health, grief work.

Concentration exercises, such as meditate.
Sports, dancing or hiking
Literature: Gerald Hüther – "Gebrauchsanleitung für das Gehirn", "Die Macht der inneren Bilder, 2010"