Brigitte Molnar - Heilpraktikerin aus München
Brigitte Molnar - Heilpraktikerin


Born in Waiblingen / Neckar

Baccalaureate 1973

Studied political science, sociology and sports on at LMU and TU Munich for the Theory of Grammar School

1984 birth of my son Richard, 1997 birth of my daughter Victoria.
In parallel, from 1986 to 1991 intensive examination of my dreams in a deep psychological analysis of CG Jung. In 1993, a series of returns in the U.S. (Santa Fe) and simultaneously a meditation training in the Theravada tradition (Aya Kema). 1995 experience with Qi Gong in China (Beijing).

The background was intensified since 1981, the preoccupation with the question of the conditions of mental and emotional health. It seemed to me after 14 years of practical and theoretical studies of Buddhism in essence answered.

Then turning to physical health conditions as an expression of psychological health. 1995 and 1996 followed a training course in breastfeeding Qi Gong in Munich (Master Chang Zhi-Li from Beijing), where I was able to gain first experience with self-induced body's energy fields.

Then in 1998 medical education for medical products consultant for energy systems (magnetic therapy). From 2002-2003 worked as a manager for an international distribution company.

1999 first contact with Bernd Joschko / physics engineer and his Synergetics Institute in Rossbach / casting. In 2000, completion of basic training, in late 2001 completion of the vocational training of synergetics therapist. Late 2003 acquisition of the practice license and completion of synergetic profiling. From 2003 to 2010, I led the private Institute for PROFILING & Synergetics in Munich-Schwabing.

In mid-2008 to audit successful medical practitioner of psychotherapy.

After several trips India turn to the study of wisdom of the Vedas in Hinduism.